Monday, May 23, 2011

Something Borrowed: The Book vs. the Movie

Now that I have seen Something Borrowed twice, I feel as though I have to write about the obvious contrasts between the book and the movie. While I liked both, I definitely enjoyed the book more, as I usually do when books are turned into movies. There are just so many details within a book that are important to the story that can't always be used in the movie.

**If you don't want to read spoilers about the book or the movie, you probably should read someone else's blog instead of mine. Just a head's up.**

The overall storyline was basically the same. Dex and Rachel hook up after her birthday party, they continue to do so throughout the summer behind Darcy's back, she hooks up with Marcus, gets pregnant, she and Dex called off the wedding, and she finally catches him with Rachel.

  • In the movie, Hillary's character was completely absent and basically replaced with John Krasinski's version of Ethan.
  • Darcy and Rachel's pregnant childhood friend Annalise was also not in the movie at all.
  • Marcus' character was a complete idiot in the movie. He is portrayed as a complete pothead skateboarder...and that's pretty much it. Very hard to see how Darcy would be so interested in him.
  • Ethan does not live in London the entire film; rather, he chooses to move there as a part of his career as a novelist. During Rachel's visit to him in London, he revealed he was in love with her, which was completely unnecessary.
  • Instead of being ultra-snooty, Claire is ultra-crazy-in-love-with-Ethan. She obviously was a completely different person than in the book to add comic relief to the movie.
  • The addition of Dex's parents was lame. In the book, it was his Dad and Step-Mom, who were hardly even mentioned. In the movie, they played a central part in why Dex couldn't call the wedding off. Something about how his mom suffered from depression, and the wedding was making her happy? I didn't understand why that was needed. It should have just been Dex's problem to figure out. No pushing from Dad.
  • The characters of Rachel, Dex, and Darcy were perfect. Kate Hudson played the perfect Darcy, and Ginnifer Goodwin was just as perfect as Rachel. Colin Egglesfield was great for Dex - gorgeous and charming. It was hard to be mad at him.
  • There was definitely much less sex between Dex and Rachel in the movie, which didn't bother me. I just wish their relationship could have been clearer in the movie. Instead of them finding ways to spend time together, their relationship was mainly based upon the feelings they'd been experiencing for each other since law school.
  • The sort-of-relationship between Marcus and Rachel really never happened in the film.
What I Liked:
I was happy to see small details from the book pop up in the movie - Darcy not really getting into Notre Dame and the tear Dex wiped from Rachel's cheek while they were studying together during law school were both in the movie. I enjoyed the humor that was brought into the movie, and I especially enjoyed Darcy and Rachel's dance to Salt 'N Pepa's "Push It." I also liked that they backed up the reason Dex and Rachel were so close and gave enough back-story on their lives back in law school. (Not that I condone cheating).

What I Didn't Like:
I hated the idea of Ethan being in love with Rachel during their adult lives. I liked the idea of him being the best guy friend she could ask for, without any other feelings between the two - not the best friend who had fallen in love with her and further complicated the story. It almost made me want Rachel and Ethan to get together, and that obviously wasn't the point, or even a possibility, in the book. As I mentioned, I didn't like the addition of Dex's parents in the movie. I also would have loved to see Hilary and/or Annalise in the movie. Even if they would have just had small roles, it would have been nice to see them as a part of the cast. Finally, I would have liked to see a hometown visit from Darcy and Rachel, just to see where they got their start.

So, what did you think? Did you read the book, then see the movie? Or, are you the type who likes to see the movie before reading the book? Maybe you just like the see the movie and skip the book? Were you disappointed in the movie or the book? Which did you like better? After a lackluster performance at he box office, do you think they will still make the film Something Blue, which they alluded to with a "to be continued" and short scene of Darcy arriving in London to see Ethan during the credits of the film? (I hope so).


  1. I love your review! And I completely agree with you about the whole Ethan and Rachel relationship, it just complicated the story way too much and made me want rachel and ethan to be together and the ending was just a downer after that weird scene between the two of them. :/

  2. I just finished reading the book but I don't think I will be able to catch the movie at the theater anymore; I guess I'll just rent the DVD later this year. I really liked the book and how the love story between Dex and Rachel was explained. I figured that the movie would not be the same as they usually add humour and characters (and sometimes storylines) to make it sell better. I was really surprised to know that Hillary was absent from the movie as well as Annalise, since they play a big part in Rachel's life. I's also curious why they apparently try to give Dex a reason to call off the wedding when he clearly had one already. But I'm still going to watch the movie some day, thanks for the review!
    PS: Did you read Something blue? I hesitated to buy it the other day because I don't know if I will like to hear/read things from Darcy standpoint... Tell me if I should go back and buy it ;) Thanks! Camille.

  3. Hey Camille,
    Thanks for the comment. I am currently reading Something Blue. I don't really like reading from Darcy's perspective, but it sure does make things interesting! I just wanted to see what happened to the characters next. I'd say go ahead and buy it - so far, so good. I'm excited to see where the second half of the book goes. I'd also definitely recommend checking out the movie at some point!
    Angela =)

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  5. I really enjoyed your review as well. I think it is spot on. When Ethan started confessing his love to Rachel I not only felt confused but I thought, "oh gee, they’re going to change the ending." I'm glad they didn't. I agree they should have gone a little more in depth of how Dex and Rachel really loved each other. And I have no idea why they put his parents in the movie. Still, as far as books turned into movies usually goes, I think they did a good job. Of course, the book is still better. Would love to see Something Blue next.

  6. The ending was off wasn't it? I have read both something borrowed, and something blue (the continuation from Darcy's perspective), and I didn't think that Darcy and Rachel run into each other on the streets 2 months later? Doesn't she pretty much run off to London soon after the whole cheating thing is uncovered?(that happens in something blue) Also, doesn't she find Dex's watch not coat, and he is supposed to be in his underwear......

    It was an OK movie, but the book was way way better. Something blue book is also very very good too!!

    I also agree that the whole Ethan loving Rachel part was not needed.....

  7. The movie was pretty good, can definitely see it running nonstop on TBS in the future.

    I read SOMETHING BORROWED & SOMETHING BLUE back to back in 2007 while on a beach trip & loved them both. When I first remember seeing the trailer for SOMETHING BORROWED I was wondering why Kate and John were in "support" roles then remebered and realized they would most likely create SOMETHING BLUE to follow....I hope the move forward with the sequel!

  8. I would recommend reading Something Blue if you haven't. I didn't think I would like reading from Darcy's perspective either, but I actually ended up enjoying the book very much.

  9. Absolutely agreed with everything you said!.they could of put the book into the movir aloy more than they did. all though both great

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  11. hi
    i watched the movie so many times and i'm absolutely in love with john krasinski.. i cry evertime in the end because i want dex to do some asshole move and rachel getting together with ethan... i know it would have even less to do with the book but they just would be so perfect.

  12. I like your review.. I'm like obsessed with Ethan. I didn't read the book and I don't know how close Rachel and Darcy were, or how Darcy was said to always win. But in the movie, for a lot of reasons, i hate Rachel. it was her fault in the 1st place to let Darcy date Dex. and its not that she steals him away from her. just my two cents. I wonder if Ethan really confessed his love in the book?

  13. I haven't read the book but I kinda hated the part where Ethan confess his feelings for Rachel. I wish they ended up together because in the movie, Ethan was there for her all the time. And Rachel should have hated Dex after rejecting her out of the bar.
    well I should read the book now. so kabooosh!

  14. I've only watched the movie something borrowed and was thinking of reading something blue ... Do you suggest that I still read something borrowed or go straight to the sequel? Thanks!

    1. Hi Heather!

      Thanks for your question. I always suggest reading the book just because I love to read. It might be nice for you to read Something Borrowed as a nice lead in to Something Blue.